Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I know my posts lately have been pretty spiritual.
It's lent and I am trying hard to find my way to
the closeness I once had with the Big Man.
Yet, dear followers, I am still me,
still a sinner, still not one to preach to the choir
or pretend all of a sudden I am a preacher.
I have not changed.
However, on the way home from Alabama,
decided since it was Sunday I would listen to
Joel Olsteen on xm radio.
I love him, he puts life into perspective.
That day, the order of his sermon was
Right now, there is nothing, and I mean nothing
I long for more than the sale of this house.
I have said here so many times,
I want this house to sell, for me and for Ron.
I am ready to move on.
Yet, I have not believed it would come easy.
So I tell Tiffany on the way home,
"This next month, I will get a buyer for my house
and by the time I leave for our cruise,
all will be finalized for my move to
the home i buy."
Since then I tell myself this daily a few times a day.
No more, 
"I wish the house would sell"
no more
"I hope this house sells before the one I want does."
no more
"I am ready to start my next portion of my life in a
home that is mine"
from now on it will be,
"I will have a buyer by the end of March."
"I will be moving into my new home by the
time the cruise date comes"
I will believe it and it will happen.
IF this works, I will forever change the way I look at things.
Thanks to you all for following me here
through this journey.

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