Friday, February 13, 2015

Never enough friends...

I, in my life, have been blessed.
so blessed. 
Not speaking of money, fame but in friendships.
You can never have too many friends.
There are those who are family,
siblings and nieces and nephews,
great nieces and nephews....
There are those I call my besties, 
friends since as long as we can remember,
then the bestie baby girls are also now my friends.
There are people I have met through my many jobs
that have remained some of my best pals.
The thing with friends, you cannot ever have too many.
Where is this going?
In meeting and dating Mr. Big, I also met lots of his
friends and two of these women, Cat and Cheryl have
become such a big part of my life right now.
 Yesterday was a dayI spent with Cat, on the left.
We get to spend more time together than Cheryl and I do
because, like me, she is retired. She too is from Georgia
like most of Mr. Big's friends are from Georgia, all
living temporary lives here in Louisiana until work calls
them back home where they all really want to be.
Cat, Cheryl and I bonded from the first time we met,
at Mr. Big's Christmas party.
I love them both, but Cat and I have gotten extremely close.
Yesteray was a hard morning for me.
It is winter and nights are bad, mornings are worse,
getting out of bed is a process.
Cat and I had planned a day going to Thibodaux because
she had never been and I had things I needed to do there.
I really thought I would have to cancel.
Yet, I didn't and so glad I did not.
Cat and I are so different and yet have so much
to say all the time. It was a great day with
conversations all over the place.
She misses home, I am glad I can help her get out
and spend days doing things that make being here
a little easier for her.
Never enough friends for this girl.

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