Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I love about 8 months:

The bean is 8 months old now.
Friday evening she and baby boy came and sleep
and because bb and hobl left in the wee hours of the morning
to go hunting, it was decided that me and the bean
would sleep in the spare room so the boys could rest.
There is much I love about being the Mumsie of an 8 month old.
For one, she knows who I am and that she loves me.
She is at a stage where she is learning fast so will try and do
most anything you show her once or twice.
She is happy and smiles with a big, open grin unless
she is crying and screaming.
I love that she now put her arms out for people and
that Friday night her arms were out for me a lot since
we had company that she does not know.
At one point of the night, she came and pulled herself up on
my legs and put her hands up for me to hold her...
ahhh how I love that.
She slept in the pack and play until 4 am then woke up crying in her
sleep I put her in bed with me until she woke up at 5 to play.
That hour was fantastic, I have always loved sleeping with my own children
so to sleep with her is one of my favorite things to do.
she cuddles when she sleeps, wants to have an arm on me or
her head in my neck.
I love still, to rock her and when she is tired she puts her head
on my shoulder and lets me rock her until she falls asleep.
She is beginning to talk, says mama and papa and sometimes dada.
She can't say Mumsie yet but I am sure that isn't far away....
She pulls up and stands on anything she can so she needs
full time attention, all the time unless she is sleeping.
I will have KD's back on the fact that when you have a little one
as active as bean, not much else can get done.
I had forgotten this about mothering babies.
It used to drive me crazy when HOBL would ask me while the
babies were growing,
"what did you do all day"
I watched the baby, kept them safe from harm.
It is a full time job at 8 months old,
I had forgotten.
I love 8 months and kind of sad it will only last 4 weeks,
then she will be on to other things.

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  1. What a great an glorious time to be a Mumsie and a Bean together!