Saturday, November 5, 2011

If I win the lottery...

I went to my favorite gas station, chicken frying place
for some good fried chicken for supper.
As I am checking out, one of the cashiers says randomly,
"I want a black car"
"okay" I say because it is so random.
I tell her I can't help her, I have a blue car and no extra to spare.
She asks if I am sure I don't have a black car.
I proceed to tell her though that if I win the lottery
I will buy her a black car.
"Well thank you, that is very kind"
Her name is Sherelle, of course I asked.
I mean how can I bring her a black car if I don't know her name.
I continue by saying I am not even joking if I win the
lottery I am bringing her a black car.
Now she is laughing, saying it doesn't even have to be new
and she isn't particular on what kind, just wants black.
I say to Sherelle, "You know what? I am going to buy those
tickets right now from you."
She sells me two tickets and we continue with our fantasy,
"You know if you win, we are going to be on the news
and this story will be all over Louisiana.
Yes, and I am not even going to choose the car for her,
I am going to come and pick her up and she can pick out the
car she wants. I leave with both of us laughing and even
the guard is laughing at us.
As I drive away with my fried chicken and two lottery
tickets that I never buy, I realize that I really would do it.
If I win the lottery, or if I did, since it is past time,
I will go right to that gas station, pick up Sherelle
and buy that girl her very own black car.

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