Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Malaina visits

Malaina is visiting with me the last few days.
She is a pleasure to have around.
She is one that loves my scraproom, I mean if she
could have my scrap room moved to her house, she would.
Unlike most of my other nieces, she is the only one
on HOBL's side, HOBL's niece...
Well actually HOBL's cousin but that's a long explanation
we call her our niece and that she is.
Yesterday riding home from bringing HOBL to the airport,
she and I were deep into conversation
when a song she loved came onto the radio.
Without any conversation she bolted into song,
no shyness, no worry about what I would think.
Then one of those old memories flashed before me.
A time when Baby girl was her age, 8
and we were into the Dixie Chicks.
She and I would sing as loud as we could,
no embarrassment on either part.
These memories are what makes me long to spend
time with little children.
Thinking back on my own children's lives
brings me great comfort,
they did not have the perfect life,
but they had a good life, a good childhood.
I am reminded of this often
when spending time with children like Malaina.
(these pictures were taken last visit with Malaina)
(the pictures are backwards. I dared her to eat a
Poppa John's pepper)
(She took the challenge. the first picture is the last picture)

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