Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's in a number anyway?

I have been awake since 3:30 am,
if I can call it awake since sleep really didn't come at all.
So What's in a number, anyway?
For a girl who always prided herself in needing
an uninterrupted 8 to 10 hours asleep per night,
this painful night stuff should be driving me crazy.
What is driving me crazy is thinking of staying awake
all night then trying to go to work.
I have decided going to take the rest of the week off.
Then I don't have to stress over when I sleep and how many
hours it has been.
Next week is off week and by then this darn weather
should settle itself.
What am I most thankful for these days?
Coworker friends who always listen to me and have my back.
Who when they say they are praying for me, I know really are.
HOBL who encourages me to stay home when I struggle
with what I should do.
Who never makes me feel like a burden or that I am not
pulling my own weight around here.
The fact that baby boy and the bean are coming and sleep
Friday night....
Baby girl being accepted back into Nicholls for the fall semester,
deciding that she has to get a degree.
Friends, friends, friends, and sisters, sisters, sisters
who are always encouraging me to do what I need to do
and remind me that they love me and I have nothing
to prove to no one.
Life may be full of pain and that sucks, but it is also
full of more good things and I am happy, fortunate
that I can still see and focus on this.


  1. Look on the real bright side ... if you were a horse, you would have been shot already. :)

  2. yes! I would be elmer's glue already...