Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lay-a-way is back

I went to my "favorite" Walmart and
learned from the cashier that not only is Lay-a-way back
but she hates it.
I share with her that I too, don't get the concept,
if you can't afford it now, what makes you think you will
be able to afford it come Christmas time?
Then as I walk to my car and am putting my groceries up,
I realize just how selfish that statement was.
I, at one time, needed lay-a-way.
There were the days that money did not come easy
and I couldn't just go and buy what I wanted/needed.
One Christmas came into mine in particular.
It was my first Christmas as a Riera, marriage was new to me
and money was always tight.
I went to Walmart to see the Christmas decorations,
knowing that I could not afford anything at that moment.
We couldn't even afford a Christmas tree that year
so I had decided on using a family heirloom,
a tree branch on a base that was used for weddings
to hang rice decorations.
While at Walmart, I noticed these perfect little apples
that would fit on the tree just perfect.
In my mind, I saw the cutest little tree and the decorations
were in my reach, I just couldn't afford them.
I knew by the time I could afford them those little apples
would be gone.
I used the lay-a-way system.
HOBL was not happy about it.
He didn't then, and still does not now, understand
the whole decorating for holidays.
Weeks later, when I had saved the money,
I removed my lay-a-way
and was happy as I decorated my first home.
Sometimes I need to return to the life I had
before now, I need to realize that many, most
are not as fortunate as we are.
Yes, we are where we are because of lots of hard
work and saving even when we didn't think we could.
Sometimes, though you just have to bust and buy simple
things like little red apples for a tree branch Christmas tree.

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  1. Theres no reason for layaways, and I don't feel selfish making that statement. We had it rough because I was spending it on drugs and alcholol. If you can't pay it then don't buy it. Thats why america is in the financial crisis it is in today.