Friday, November 4, 2011

Funeral day and cold fronts

This is the first big cold front since my return to work
from the surgery I had one year ago today.
It is not a good day.
It is also funeral day for Sean.
It is not a good day.
No matter how hard I think this day is,
it is nothing compared to the day this will be
for Sean's family and loved ones.
If I didn't have the funeral to attend,
I think I would have to stay home today.
It has been a most unbearable night.
Yet I will make it there then probably come home
after the funeral instead of returning to work.
I want to be there for support of Sean's family
but also for the support of my BG.
Many of her graduating class will be at this funeral.
It will also be the first time she sees many of her peers
since acknowledging she is gay.
I know this probably doesn't bother her at all
but I feel as her Mother, I need to stand by her
and be her support. Not to mention how hard it
is for young adults to say goodbye to one of their own.
Just puts some perspective on the life of a young adult.
Has them understand that life is short and
living a good life always is important.
Once again, I ask for prayers for Sean's family.
This will not be an easy day,
probably the hardest they have ever faced.

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