Saturday, September 28, 2013

a request please..

When you read and leave a comment on lilbit of my world,
unless you want to remain anonymous, can you please put
your name with your comment.
I often wonder who is leaving the comments.
Of course, I understand if you want to remain anonymous, that is fine.
Today, the other Riera family begins their trip 
home from Disney World.
I am so ready to see them all and to hear Bean's stories of the trip.
We, who have brought our children to Disney in 
the past, know the struggle to figure out the proper age
to bring them. I believe it has to depend on the child.
As for Bean and her "Pomas"
two and a half was a perfect age as they are both so
mature and good babies.
Yes, there is always that belief that they will not remember the trip
but does it really matter?
If they are there with their parents, the two people they love
the most in the world, and the time spent there is all about
them, If a week is spent with no nursery school,
no work to be done by either parent,
the bond made there is never too early.
As I watched the videos and pictures coming from 
Disney World, I know they will never regret the trip.
I am happy to say, they are heading home though
as I have missed them all so much!
( tried to download video of Baby boy dancing at Disney
but too long to add to blog, go see it on my
facebook wall as it is classic Riera!)


  1. I know they enjoyed it but they'll be glad to see you and share their stories! :) Lisa

  2. For our family whoever is at home to greet our vacationers puts a pot of red beans on for there welcome home and they love.