Monday, June 9, 2014


My pal, Lindsey finds the most wonderful
quotes and posts them on Facebook.
She posts this one a few days ago 
and it tells my story. Perfection in words.
And if you know me, you know I love me some words.
"I love my PJ"S" 
may just be my favorite!
When I worked at TES and a bad weather alert
would be brought to my attention, I would be
teased by many of my friends that it was time
to buy a new PJ as they all knew the minute the
first rain cloud was seen, I was putting on my PJ's.
I am 50, so of course, this old body has been through
a lot, more than the average 50 year old.
Yet, I would not trade me for anyone else in this
world we live in.
I have earned each scar and for the fat part,
well working on that, not because I need to be thin
but I do need to be healthy.
Being a single woman now, I have an even deeper
appreciation for becoming healthy as the last thing
I ever want to be is a burden to my babies.
Happy Monday!
going see a home today, maybe this one will be "it"
Prayers would be appreciated that this one sells soon.

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