Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WEll this sounds like me...

This proves it, I am definitely a "creative people".
Yesterday was one of those that needed to be spent
all alone in my scrap room so it's just what I did.
I always feel so good when in there, it's filled
with so many things I love and the older
Bean gets, the more she loves doing 
"arts and crafts" with her Mumsie.
It energizes me to have her there with me
as I think forward to the future knowing she
will always love to create with me.
I have had a writers block lately,
having trouble journaling and I know
why, but it does not help me get over the block.
At least in my beloved scrap room I can
be artistic. Have gotten a few orders also which 
makes me excited because I have always had dreams
of putting my talent out there.
More to come in my future, can't wait to 
be settled into a ME HOME

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