Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I had heard of a little resturaunt in Donaldsonville, La.
a few times but had never had the privilege to eat 
there. Donaldsonville is only a few towns away from me
so, when two dear friends, Sue and Denise asked
if he could meet there for lunch, I was all for it.
D and Sue are great friends who i met through
my years being a school nurse.
Being an LPN, I had the honor of working under both
of these great RN's.
They were not only my Mentors but have remained
important in my life.
the food, well it was fantastic, I would recommend
you try this place out.
Yet, better than any food, was the two hour visit with
two great friends.
I try very hard to keep in touch with people who
are important to me, Sometimes I think I don't
do enough and other times, I am proud of
the effort I put forth on my friends.
This separation of a marriage has taught me
many things but the best is that it is important
to work on your relationships with real friends.
Having this new life where there are no pressures
to rush home or worry about pets at home,
is one of the better things. I can go for hours,
I can go for days, and either decision is okay.
Thanks Sue and Denise, not only for
taking time out of your days to spend with me,
but for the support you both have given me while we
school nursed together and after, keeping in touch when
some may just put that chapter aside.
I know I am a better person having you both in my life.

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