Friday, June 20, 2014


Since Ron and I separated,  so many ask
how I am. Some are sincere, others just want to know
the gossip surrounding the end to a 30 year marriage.
The last things I want is:
1) To bad mouth anyone on social media.
2) To hurt my ex-husband via this media
3) to hurt my children, daughter in law, or  our babies.
But I also know there are things I need to work through
to not only be healthy but to be happy.
Most days, I am just that, Happy.
I refuse to waste any more time than I need to get past this.
I also don't want to pretend that I am "hunky-dory"
and not having pain. I am independent and I am used to
being alone. Have always loved my own company.
These facts make this whole thing easier.
I have had a writers block since this separation,
I know why, because those things I would need to write
will make me sad as well as possibly hurting others.
I know it is not healthy for me to just stay home, all alone,
reading, scrapping, without seeing people.
Yet, it is what i want to do most days.
Since Wednesday, Tedi-girl, my sweet godchild has
been here spending time with us. Yesterday Megan,
my scrap buddy also came and spend whole day.
I was in heaven! Gypsy baby was also here for some of
that time and I realized that I have missed the company 
of, well, company.
this morning, Tedi-girl just left, I am alone, and
I am sad. I know I will have days like this and I have
to be grateful that with time, they are less and less.
today, though I am having to get used to the emptiness of 
this big house, hoping that it sells soon so I can move
on into my own space. 
I will be well, to do so, I have to work through all those
things that make me sad. 
Thanks for reading, thanks for being supportive of
my blog, thanks for all prayers and "reach outs"
you all have given me.
Don't worry, 

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