Sunday, June 1, 2014

THE CALM AND CONTENT J.BELLE, making of a sister...

 Our sweet Bean, has been so excited to be a big
sister since the minute word was out that a new Riera
was on its way. We all knew she would be excited and
good with J.Belle but we also figured there would be some
adjustments, some jealousy.
I mean even before she was a sister, she had a problem sharing
her daddy with anyone. Would get angry at me if I told her he 
was my baby boy and hugged "her daddy"
and Lord, if her Mommy hugs up on her daddy,
well that could cause a major meltdown.
So, her parents prepared for a few days after J.belle's birth
when Bean not only realized what "forever" truly meant and
that there would be times when she had to wait for what she needed,
that there would be a few jealous meltdowns….

We were all wrong, wrong because she as of yet, almost two weeks
into the big sister role, she has no jealousy towards J.Belle.
She proudly wants to do everything for her.
"Can I hold her?"
"Can I give her a bottle?"
"Can I change her diaper?"
It never ends. Her wanting to do for her.
I have have tried to watch how I word things not to make
Bean jealous or worried, but when you hug up on this
calm J.Belle, you just cannot help but whisper words of love
to her. 
One one of these days, I rocked and kissed on J.Belle
as Bean and BB played with Lego's on the floor.
"Oh Jolee' I love you so much!"
Bean hears me, she looks at me holding her sister,
she looks at her daddy, building with her and she says,
"Mumsie, that is surely very nice to say that to my sister"
Is it possible, is it possible that I can love that big sister 
even more than ever.
 In this little family's home right now is the sweetest place ever.
There are long days with nothing pressing when you are there.
There is a sweet big sister who is out of school for the summer
and A Mommy recovering from the birth of her second sweet baby.
There is a Daddy there who is fortunate to be home for 6 weeks
while his little family all gently get used to not only their new
home but their new addition.

 She, our little J.Belle is so calm, a good sleeper and
as her daddy says,
"She only cries to eat or be cleaned"
Second babies, oh how wonderful they come to 
experienced parents.
 My Kd, yeah she loves her family and creeps up on them
to get pictures like this one, below, to just make us
all feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I hope they never forget these moments,
I, for one, will do my best to remind them.
Hence, the blog
lilbit of my world goes on and on.
I mean one day I won't be here to nag them,
ya know?

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