Monday, September 29, 2014

a dear friend about to be a Grandma!

It was time to speak with my old friend,
Sue about the upcoming birth of her first grandchild.
A tad overdue, hoping this miracle of a little girl
will be born on Thursday.
What can I say to my dear friend?
Nothing, because all those things people say,
All this is true but I try not to say them because
the fact of the matter is, there are no words to 
explain well enough what is about to happen to her and Foe.
Sue and Foe has had one child, Scott who was 
baby boy's first friend.

Since they were three, they were friends and inseparable
for all their first few years.
As time went on, they remained friends but as 
things always happen, they added different friends
to the mix and distance drew them apart.
Just like the friendship of Sue and I.
We may not speak for weeks, sometimes months,
but when we do, it's like not time at all has passed.
We will always have a special bond because
of our boys and how she took Gypsy baby under
her wing and always had her when she could.
Gypsy and Sue also have that kind of bond.

I will never be able to thank her for all she did
for my own babies. If they would be at her house,
and requested ANYTHING to eat, she cooked it.
My kiddo's love fried chicken, but at my house,
you got Already cooked fried chicken.
I may have been a good Mommy but I put my
foot down when it came to messing up my kitchen
with frying chicken. I just was never good at it,
It would cook outside too fast, inside raw or
vice versa. Sue, sue cooked perfect fried chicken
and gypsy, she only wanted Ms. Sue's fried chicken for
many years, and if she asked, she got it.
To be honest, I even visited when Sue fried chicken!
We still also love, love, love her crab and shrimp patties….

 Okay, back to the story.
Sue has always, like me loved and spoiled her
nieces and grandnieces, little cousins, all children
she had a bond with them all and spent much
time with them. Sue is a special woman and
so deserves this child.
Boy I bet she did lots of that.
 Sue and Foe, about to become grandparents
to their very first grand DAUGHTER!!!
Yes, a girl, just spoke with Sue and told her this
baby don't have a chance, she won't walk until the
day she starts school, from going hand and arm to arm.
Hopefully on Thursday, they will have their sweet
little girl, a grandchild they never thought they would
have. No one deserves being grandparents.
It's a good life, when grand babies come our way.
good luck to you all!!! 
Love from some of your old pals!

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