Friday, September 26, 2014


So I have had a few followers who are 
missing my blog entries.
With all happening in this family, it is hard
to put what is in my heart without hurting 
someone so I have been basically quiet through
my separation. Today, today, I will brag
a big of those things I have become proud of.
Even in marriage, I was always pretty independent.
I didn't count on others to make me happy
or to spend time with as I have always liked my own
company. It is nothing for me to go to the movies,
casino alone, shopping, eating out, I have done
it for a long time. But those things I did not do 
were the things that Ronnie always took care of
for instance, the car, house appliances, etc.
So two weeks ago the car began to make noise
and instead of calling him I called the dealership and
brought the vehicle in. They finally believed me that
something has been wrong with this car since the
day I brought it home. They put me in a rental car
for free, said they were going to fix all repairs free
of charge and would figure out what the problem was.
Well, the rental was free, but for a little while it
smelled somewhat of a barroom. I got it aired out
and refreshed with frebreeze. It has been a week and
today I got the call that the car is finally fixed and I 
will pick it up Monday. 
Then this week, it was the washing machine.
It would not spin or empty water, after shoveling
all the water out, I called GE instead of Ronald.
Got that done all by myself, had to replace it 
and it felt good to have my own money to replace it with.
I have began this little business of scrapping 
25 drawer countdown to Christmas boxes 
and after making 13, I put on Facebook,
"Last call for Christmas boxes"
and received 13 more orders.
At 30 dollars a piece, I am very proud that
I am making a little cash all on my own.
I have done a few other things like frames and such
but just the fact that I can earn a small income
even on the days that I can't seem to do much else,
I can scrap and profit from it.
So much to be proud of, the best one….
put on a pants that was tight last year, to have it
almost too big to wear, that is what I am most 
proud of, the few pounds I have lost….
So if you find yourself in a position that you 
feel you just cannot go on, you can,
you can do it all and be happy.
Then once you find that spot where you can stand
alone, then you can find someone who you enjoy
their company to hang with.
I am proud of that too, having fun with others, 
one in particular who I have met, that
I enjoy spending time with him, 
Now, the next part is the biggest:
 want to sell the house as I am really ready
for the independence that will bring me.
The best feeling in the world is to have my kids
and my kd proud of me. to know that I will survive
whatever this world throws at me.
 And these little girls that remind me daily that
they will always love me unconditionally
as their Mumsie. I am very proud of the relationship we
are building with each other.
They will always be the fire behind my motivation.
The ones who keep me silly, keep me young,
keep me laughing, keep me bragging.
They are my light at the end of the tunnel,
the jelly to my peanut butter,
the rainbows to all my rainy days.
I love them to the moon and back.

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  1. So proud of you and we love you!!!