Saturday, September 27, 2014

another Bean story, my blog…etc…lol

Today I am heading to my first LSU
game with tailgating with my friend.
So excited to spend the day with him.
But I knew I had to go see the babies before 
because I probably won't see them until late
Sunday or Monday. They are at the other
grandparents home. I love the tradition Kd's parents
have made, Friday gatherings at their house.
I am always invited and you just never know who 
may be there on any given Friday evening.
Lizzie, the girls cousin, is with her Mommy this wknd.
so we miss her.
The minute I walk in that Bean, 
"Mumsie! you here, come play with me!"
I swear this child truly thinks I am a kid,
there to see only the kids, not the adults.
"Mumsie, they going get the food, you can play with me."
This is my fault of course, because no matter
where I go to see her and Jolee they get my attention first.
I bend down and get my big hug from Bean
and head to the counter where J.Belle is being
held by her Mommy, talking away when she sees me.
Bean finally talks me into the living room,
"Mumsie you my BFF, come play with me"
"What you want to play little girl?"
She wants to play beads, beads?
Yes, she has a bucket of Mardi Gras beads and
we are going to do something with that.
So I begin to show her how to write her name by
placing beads in letters, then we make a swimming pool
with the beads and her little princesses swim, clothes on and all.
I understand now when you ask her how old she thinks her
Mumsie is, she says, "One or three" she has
no sense of age and in her eyes, we are peers,
my fault totally. She reminds me of her daddy when
I grab J.belle to play with us, she does not protest,
she says, after kissing on her, 
"Mumsie put her in the bead pool"
and he do, and J.Belle screams and smiles.
BB never stopped his sister, who is 4 years younger
from playing with him and his friends.
I am sure there were times, but I can't recall them.
When no friends were around, they were each others besties.
When they would need to be punished I would put
them in each of their rooms and would find them
both in their closets, talking to each other, talking of
what a mean momma they had, I want that 
for the Riera girls, always have each other.
As for Bean, I will remain her BFF as long
as she lets me.

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