Sunday, September 14, 2014

Those who love other people's children….

There are many things I miss about school nursing.
Waking up at 530 each morning is not one of them.
One of my favorite things were meeting special needs 
children and their parents. 
This morning, having her permission,
I want to share of one special woman,
one that is the epitome of Motherhood.
What makes her even more special is the fact that
the majority of her babies were born from a different
mother. Yes, she is a foster Mother who adopt 
children with special needs, those children who
rarely get out of homes, 
The first time I met Keecia, she was enrolling 
her last special needs child in our school,
he was the brother of another of her girls
and she wanted them together forever.
I was in awe of her, already with I think four special
needs little girls, she was going to take this special little boy.
This child, this little Nat (going to call for blog purposes) 
was the cutest little thing I had ever seen.
A form of growth disorder, he was almost 11 and the size
of a 4 year old with the cutest little face that tended
to remind me of my favorite movie,
when Dorothy visits Munchkin land.
He was hyper and nervous and one thing
about him, always , always smiling.
He was in love with his "new" momma
and knowing sister was coming to stay forever soon too
had him always smiling. I loved him because he was loud,
like me, and everyone, everyone at school loved him 
immediately. But it was this woman, the woman with so 
much patience for this high strung child that had me
mesmerized. Through our conversation, we found that
my dear childhood friend, Tanial, was also a friend of hers
having worked with some of her children in her home as
Tanial is an APE/special needs teacher.
I know two people who I admire for their love of other
peoples children, so much so, that they take them in 
their home and give them normalcy, Keecia and Faith Albert.
The reason for the blog is, last week, Keecia had to bury
Nat's sweet sister, L. Born with a heart condition, she
contracted a virus around her heart and her little body
just could not fight it. If anyone thinks, 
"Well at least it was not her birth child"
You are wrong, this woman loves these probably more
than some of us love our own children.
She was distraught and yet her worries were for her
other children, most especially her Nat.
She shares on Facebook:
Nothing like the stillness in a sleeping house! Urghh, please keep my lil boy in prayer as we lay my daughter..Laura Grace (his bio sister), the only constant in his life, to rest tomorrow morning, some people may never understand... but I WILL do whats best for my children, even if it makes others uncomfortable, I may be a lot of things...loud..opinionated...pigheaded...even a bitch, BUT I will ALWAYS HAVE MY CHILDREN'S BACK!!! Much love to all the people who are there for, close friends, even strangers, it will never be forgotten!!!
And right there, this shows you what a special woman this
person is. I am so proud to call her friend.
She would be the first to tell you she is not perfect,
not to mess with her kids are you going to see a Lion protecting
her cubs. With all the pain she had it was her sweet Nat she
was most concerned with.
Love you dear, Keecia.
Without women like you in this world, there would be many
more lost children in this world.
So sorry for you loss, but thank you, thank you, thank you,
For all the great things you do for the children of the World.
God made only a few like you.
Nat and his sister, Laura who now lives with the angels!

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  1. So sorry for her loss and her children's loss. Praying!