Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brittany or Lindsey, shoot…inspired and can't remember your name….

I hate that I cannot remember that this gal I 
am about to blog about name is either Brittany or Lindsey 
or neither. But the story line is too good not to write
this blog.
My sisters and I, have I said before,
watched the Saints game at Hooters in Laffy
and let our little waitress know we were going
to be there until the end of the game.
If you know me, I am going, in the next three hours
know about our little waitress and what she is made
of. I won't disappoint you.
Yes, the gals at Hooters may wear the cute short shorts
and the shirts they have to wear, but I am sure in each of these
gals, there is a story to be told, just like our little waitress.
Throughout the course of our game day, I asked
much about her, she shared that she was in college for
dietitian and how ironic that she would put herself through
college for dietitian and work at Hooters.
Hey, it's working little girl. Yet it is not all this that
intrigued me. I noticed this tattoo on her thumb…
An old fashioned ship with the sails open and afloat.
So, knowing me, I have to ask the history of this
small tattoo on her right thumb. Once the question is asked,
She goes into this most awesome deep thinking story:
"Well you see, the ship is on my thumb and the sails
are open. Without our thumbs it would be hard to do 
anything with our hands, Just like a ship with its sails
down, that ship would have a hard time going anywhere.
So the ship with its sails afloat on my thumb remind
me that as long as I keep my sails open, everything is
in my reach and I can accomplish anything I put my
head to…."
What??? I am not a big fan of tattoos but when there is a story
behind it, when a young girl shares what she reminds herself of
each time she looks at that ship on her thumb, I become
a lover of that tattoo.
Good luck little one on whatever you may ever do in life.
I have no doubt, no doubt, that you will achieve
every goal you put your mind to.

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