Monday, September 22, 2014


We may all fool ourselves into believing the 
human touch is not necessary.
I did it,  I had settled into a lifestyle that 
did not consist in much human touch in my marriage.
Yes, I still had the grand babies, to hug and love up on,
and gypsy baby was always up for a rock and a back
rub when she visited. Very rarely now,
and even still, sometimes to make his little girl laugh,
Baby boy could be seen climbing in my lap and
pretending he was my little baby.
I've thought lots about the human touch lately.
Starting with Bean and how she loves being rocked,
back rubbed, sleeping with someone.
Just this weekend, she was excited that she
was going to sleep in Mumsie's bed because it was 
a sleepover and we could share my pillow.
Anyone who knows me well, knows sharing my pillow
is a big thing, if I let you share my pillow, well you
way up there on my "Like very much" list.
Of course, she dragged I think 12 stuffed animals and
babies in my bed with us
(thank God for a King sized bed)
"Mumsie we have to bring this baby. Look
when you press her belly she says "I LOVE YOU"
As she throws that one into the large basket that
houses the other 11.
Yet when it is time to go to sleep, it is not
any of those she cuddles to but her Mumsie.
Same in the Morning,
"Mumsie, rub my back like my Mommy and Daddy does"
This got me thinking of this blog.
The years I convinced myself that the human touch
was not something us adults needed.
I tried to find contentment in a marriage
that had become one with no touch, maybe
a goodbye kiss when leaving for Alaska.
Now being separated I realize we all need the 
human touch, not just the babies,
Dating has been odd at 51 and then I
realized I too, need and deserve the human touch, we all
need it. I like hugging, giving back rubs, getting them.
To fall asleep in another adults arms,
to be almost asleep and feel a kiss on your head,
to hear in a whisper, "you are beautiful"
To reach out in the morning and feel someone there
to hug on to…. I could go on…...
Yes, we all need those things from another adult.
I just read an article while setting myself up 
for how to write this blog and it stated
that the human touch is the one thing
needed when  people are on suicide watch.
This gets me remembering my school nursing days,
How many of those deprived children needed daily
hugs from their teachers, school nurse. 
There was one preK. child who every day 
all he would do was cry until one of us rocked him.
He had missed being rocked as a baby and
it took much rocking to get him up to where the rest
of his peers, those who had loving parents to hug
on them, were. Now it is my turn, my need for 
the human touch. I love hugging up on the grand babies,
love to feel bean's little arm around my neck when
I am going to sleep. It is why J.Belle stops crying
the minute one of us picks her up and plays
with her or rocks her. A much needed concept.
yet, us adults need that also from other adults.
I have lots of human touch to catch up on.
Thankful I have found someone who likes it too.
So all of you followers out there, make it a daily thing
if you can to make some type of effort for human touch
daily. Whether it be your husband you have been neglecting to hug
or vice versa, your grown children, your little children,
your grandchildren, someone you are dating,
let the human touch be in your life daily.
Don't give up on it as I did, believing you don't
need it. We all not only need it and deserve it
but it is a necessity in the world of health and happiness.


  1. We are so happy for you and we love you!!!

  2. Wasn't that a Rick Springfield song?


  4. yes it was, but the lyrics were different :)