Friday, September 12, 2014

Bronson's Wedding..

Going to try and put the story line into perspective
as to not to be misunderstood 
all was great and that is what I want the blog to say.
Bronson and his little gal, now wife put together a wedding
in less than four months. Cassie wanted a small and elegant
wedding with a sit down reception.
For them to get that, it was not going to be the type of
wedding that we Coon Asses are used to Down the Bayou,
everyone invited, dancing until you kicked out.
Cassie is not from our little bayou, things are done different
in her family. Long story short, it was to be a very small
wedding, planned in a very short time.
Her parents wanted her to have the wedding of her
dreams and so did our Bronson
 So the invite list was very small and because
there is so many of us, a line had to be drawn.
None of us were offended at the fact we were not
on the list, We understood that it is hard in todays
world to have everyone you would like at your wedding,
the bayou, knowing everyone, it just had to be stopped 
somewhere. Yet our Bronson, i believe wanted us there
as he called his Mom, our niece, Toya,
He was upset of the fact that his great Aunties would not
be there to see him make one of the biggest steps of his
life. He shared with her how we could go to the Nuptial
part in the church but there was just not space for 
us at the reception and he felt terrible to ask us,
"Come to the wedding but then you have to go home"
His mom took it upon herself, the Thursday before the wedding
to explain this to us all in the most perfect way she knew how,
the way us Collins girls do it, honestly and letting us
know just how shook up Bronson was about it.
No worries, us 5 sisters started sister texting on the Thursday
and by the end of the day, all was set, we were going to 
the Nuptial portion of the wedding of our dear great nephew,
Bronson and his beautiful bride, Cassie.
We surprised him and our brother, Peter who also
did not expect to see us there…

And how glad we were to move our sister weekend from 
this weekend coming to last weekend, worked better for us all
and we made beautiful memories.
As we were leaving, Celena, our driver took the wrong road
but was the right road for us to see our sweet nephew and his
new bride, riding away on their horse drawn cart, only the
aunties got to see that and that was our sweet prize
for being there.

Then us sisters, had our own reception at Prejeant's in Laffy.
A cajun band there, singing our music, no dance floor but 
we made us one. A young girl there, saw us sisters dancing
and wanted to learn so we took her up and taught her a few moves

We ended our weekend watching the Saints game at Hooters,
Toya, he hubby, Marty and her little handsome of a son, met us there
as a surprise and a thank you for us coming.

No, the thank you was ours, Toya, it was beautiful and
we were so glad to be there for you, for Bronson, for brother,
must most especially for us. 
Love to the new family, baby making time!!!!!

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