Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Took a break from my scrap jobs to visit
many on the road to DTB known as down the bayou,
or for me, Home.
You are never too old to learn, ya know…
Since I left on Thursday, I have learned:
1) It is true, you can take the girl off the bayou,
but you can't take the bayou out of the girl.
2) When you visit a stadium that you once called
you own high school, many memories will flood back
and you will feel like you belong there.
3) When your high school team wins, you will be excited.
4) You can never be more proud of the children you have
watched grow up when they dance on the Tarponette team,
play and march in the SL band, or on the sidelines to help 
the injured. It will not make you feel old, it will make you 
feel proud that you are in their village.
5) When you see old friend, neighbors and they run
to you, knowing they are just as excited to see you as you
are to see them.
6) You cannot visit enough people from Thursday to Sunday
and you know the next visit, will have to add a few different people.
7) People who truly love you, will understand why you
may have been incognito and love you just the same.
8) You can never have enough children in your life.
9) As hard as it may be to pack and sleep in a different bed
for 4 nights, it is all worth it.
10) When coming home, it is very nice to have a
friend at the half way mark, Thibby, that you can
spend time with and enjoy it.
11) That even though the visit was great, I am so glad I did
it, coming home to my little grand girls reminds me
just where I need to be, here in P town.
12) Nothing greater than after a 4 day small vacation
to my home town, when I get to baby boys house,
Bean runs to me, hugs me, and says,
"Mumsie I missed you, play with me"
and I know, without a doubt, that the bayou will always
be what I call home but this place, is where I want
to be as a Mumsie. 
I am so privileged that I have these two little grand girls
to watch grow up just like all the young adults I visited
with over the weekend who have grown so fast.


  1. Lil, we thoroughly enjoyed being with you and catching up!!! We love you so much!!!! Always!!!! :)

  2. Had so much with you and Dominique! Must do it again!