Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Bean, she understands me sooo much!

Let me set the scenario:
Yesterday slept at Kd so she could go to work
and both the munchkins were up early.
Last year I gave Bean a book with push buttons
that make noise called Monster Mash.
I remember what each button says and sings.
So, as Bean is eating her breakfast, I read the book
and when it calls for a button to be pushed I 
lip sing each and act it out.
Bean laughs and laughs,
J.Bell just looks at me like she is either scared
or can't believe this crazy woman is part of her world.
Probably wondering when I am going away.
I say to Bean,
"Sister thinks I am crazy"
Bean replies,
"It's okay Mumsie, she just don't understand
how crazy you are yet"
REally???? does she really look at me as crazy?
Oh well, she must like it because not only does
she ask me to read the book again,
but she acts out the buttons with me,
remembered from my practice and last year.
We even get a crack of a smile out of J.Belle,
we gunna get her on our side….

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