Monday, October 6, 2014


If you watch football, you have at least
heard of the Bengals player whose little girl
is fighting cancer. 
This morning I turn on the television to watch
Hoda talk about a commercial she helped make
about childhood cancer. She speaks of, how ironically,
when number 75 of the Bengals little girl was chosen
for the casting no one realized it 
"was the football players little girl"
I was intrigued to watch the story.
What a brave little girl, but there is also
so much more to this story.
The story about a football team called the Bengals.
I am sure most teams would do some of the
same things and maybe have and have not gotten
the recognition, but today, the Bengals get the
thumbs up.
Devon Stills and his daughter Leah,
the light of his life, fighting a battle,
a battle I fought as a child.
Devon spoke of not blaming the Bengals for 
cutting him, he just could not make practice,
could not concentrate and could not
keep himself from the hospital where his precious
daughter was fighting for her life.
But then the Bengals did something completely
unexpected, the offered Devon a spot on their
practice squad. May not sound like a big deal if
you know little about what this means, as I did.
What it did mean was not only would that keep he
and his little girl close together, in the same place
that she was receiving treatment, but offer him
a salary that would keep him sustained through this 
ordeal. Keep him and his family insured so the mounds
of bills could be paid. 
After that, he never left his little girls side.
If you google the story you will definitely learn more
and probably cry a tad if you are like me, sappy.
This child, like all given no choice but to fight
cancer, is a hero. Devon even says how much she has
taught him. She recently has had the cancer removed
but her battle is far from over. as I, she has
many months maybe years of chemotherapy and radiation.
But yesterday, Devon Stills was taken off the reserved list
and entered the field to play with his team, to give
back a little to a team that has rallied around his family.
He entered to every cheerleader wearing his jersey number
he watches the big screen to see his little girl and
the commercial she starred in.
With tears running down his face, he watches
and is overwhelmed with pride.
Pride for his girl, pride for his team.
It did not matter who won that game,
I don't even know who did, because
no matter what the scores said,
the Bengals are the winners.

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  1. Awesome!!! Praying for his precious daughter!!!