Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Death of a wonderful man, a brother...

I just cannot grasp my mind or heart around the loss
of my dear friend, old boss, Dr. Troy Hutchinson.
The last few years had been hard ones for him but
he also had gotten himself back together and 
just a few months ago, when Ron broke his back,
he went to the urgent care in Thibodaux and reconnected.
We texted and kept in touch and then, just like times before,
he pulled away once again and we lost touch.
Imagine the shock last night when I saw his daughter,
Hillary's Facebook message that her Dad had died.
Let me tell you here, what this man, this doctor was,
in the years of the new millennium.
I was his nurse and he respected me as I, him.
We were a good team, along with all others who worked with us.
He came to our little bayou, beginning his practice with 
another dear friend, Dr. Pitre and soon the people of the bayou
fell in love with him and it was not long before he was
ready for his very own practice. I followed him there
to Golden Meadow and a practice he built.
Loved by his staff, loved by his patients, 
loved by all who worked at LOS.
Like Dr. Pitre, he was personable.
He did not just "Make Rounds"
he visited with the nurses, found out about you, your family.
When in his clinic, he depended lots on me and
his PA, Dwight, believed that a practice was not about 
one doctor but about all the people who made a clinic work.
What I most admired about him was he came to our
little bayou as an open gay man who also had
custody of his four children.
Had put himself through medical school while raising
four children. I fell in love with the whole family.
Our families intertwined, we did things together
and he and I, a few times had our differences, had our
arguments but we always worked it out.
Then when BB had his drug issues and we left the bayou
I left his practice and I cried like a baby.
He and Dwight, we all cried together.
Once BB was ready for treatment, it was Hutch
who did all the doctor work to get him where he needed to 
be sober. After BB was sober 6 months, it was Dr. Hutch letter
that had TOPS reinstate him as a student with a TOPS scholarship.
The thing I want all to know is, he did not do this just for us,
because we were friends, he did this as a normalcy for his
practice. Once I left, he fell into some bad times, some things
that is not my business to discuss, the issues caused him to 
leave our little bayou and make his way to Denver.
He had his life back together and when Ron was ill,
and I saw his face at that Urgent Care I cried.
I cried because he looked so good, I cried because
I knew he would get Ron what he needed, he would listen
to where Ron was and needed to be.
There are just not enough words to describe what a man he was.
Now he leaves behind his four grown children,
Tiffany, Ryan, Hillary, and Ben.
He leaves behind grandchildren, a mother and a father
and life, this morning, just does not seem fair.
No matter what the causes of his death may be will
not matter in my heart because I know what his heart was.
RIP Troy, and I pray your children may find their way.
I love you!

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  1. Thank you so much for your eloquent words. This is the man, my cousin, that I knew!

    Wanda Hutchinson Mosocona