Thursday, October 9, 2014

the kind of love you look for.

Alfrances "Dada" Martin.
When talking to a friend the other day,
I was trying to explain what I want in love this 
next time around. Something that takes time
to build but the only way I could explain it was,
"I want to be in a room full of people, and look across
that room and meet the eyes of that person and
feel like we know something no one else does, love"
Even that sentence is hard to understand, although
I know what I mean. Then from Facebook I hear of
an older couple from Golden Meadow, is facing
an illness of the wife.
Ms. Alfrances "Dada" Martin.
Her children post for us all who know and love
this couple, that she is finally stable but still
in ICU and pretty sick. Yet the hardest part
for the children, even with their Mommy so sick
is watching their Daddy's heart break.
This couple have been together over 60 years,
For sure I have only known them as 
Dada and Mr. Martin.
they are imprinted in my childhood just like
my own parents were.
The difference in them and My parents is that
my Mother became a widow young.
This couple have retired and do everything together.
When I was living in Thibodaux I often
would run into this couple at LIns Resturaunt.
Each time, I went in for just a kiss and had to
sit and get them to tell me about all their family.
"Hope is remarried to a fine man" 
"Cornell's son is in a sitcom"
"Debra is dating Billy"
"Lincoln is moving"
Then we caught up on the grandkids.
The things I always admired when I ran into them
!) They always first asked about my Mom and how I was.
2) They always sat near each other, no across the table stuff.
3) If Mrs.DADA had to go to the bathroom, he walked her there.
4) They always spoke of their children and grandchildren like
I knew each of them personally.
I mean, I do , but a few years have passed and I had to
think often but they never missed a beat.
Now it breaks my heart to think of her love sitting
outside of the ICU hoping that his love pulls through
this most complicated situation and also I am sure
his mind thinks that eventually, after so many years
together, their time here on Earth will come to an end.
He will be a lost man if Mrs. DaDa goes first.
Just like us kids were so lost when out Mommy died,
we had a few years with her dementia to get used to
saying goodbye. I pray that this couple that 
is a staple in my lifetime has more time.
More time to go to their home and talk of all those
things that they probably have put off thinking
they would be with each other for ever.
I wish my friend who I was having that conversation with,
knew this down the bayou couple.
Then I could say, that is what I am looking for,
the kind of love that Martin's have…
Prayers for Mrs. Dada, she is still very sick
but her granddaughter, Revee and her daughter, Debra
have updated that hopefully she will go to a room today.
That way her love can be with her and I can bet, he will
not leave her side.
If you find that kind of love, treasure it, try to always
see the good in the other and don't let each other make
anything else more important than each other.

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