Friday, October 17, 2014


Twenty five years ago on this wonderful
and beautiful day, I gave natural birth to the 
most precious little girl. 
She was easy to deliver and after only one and a half 
hours she was born and I was smitten.
Since that day she has remained one to the
beat of her own drum, so different from every other
Riera/Collins and admired by many for those very
same differences.
Last night was her birthday night celebration.
BB was working and so was her Daddy
but her Nannie was here, Kd came with the babies
and Kayshara, shara her love, was also here to celebrate.
Being eclectic as she is, no cake for her,
so I, her Mommy, baked chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
and cooked her meal request,
Chicken Fricasse'.
It had been a while since we gathered for a celebration
and it was a needed one for this Momma.
Of course she received her traditional money from
myself, but also a sweet Puppy surprise.
Long story to this stuffed animal toy that I just had to buy.
When gypsy was a baby, she has a woobie,
a blankie my Mommy had made for her that went
everywhere with her and her Nannie had
also bought her a Kitten surprise,
it had a velcro stomach and you had to open the belly
to see how many babies you had gotten.
Gypsy did not like it for the babies,
she liked it for the long and fluffy tail that she would
rub against her nose and lips as she sucked those
fingers any chance she got.
Last night we reminisced about that nasty cat tail
and how her Nannie would wash it when she would
go spend the night with her. How sad she would be
when that tail was washed of the smells she loved.
I swear this girl was not happier than she was opening up
that Puppy surprise last night.
I watched her a few times during her little birthday gathering
and just like always, I saw the little deob (devil in french)
she could be at times. I saw my baby with long flowing
blonde curls and deep dimples, deep enough to hold at least
a teaspoon of water. She was a beauty and now, now,
such a beautiful woman, remains eclectic, to the
beat of her own drum and the things that makes me most
proud of her are also the things that can make a momma
crazy. I love you little girl, more than the moon and the stars,
more than you love that woobie you still keep close by.
Yes, you are 25 but always, always in my heart that little 
baby. I will forever be your rock that you can come
to. I thank you so much for all you have done to help me
in the last months, listening to my crying, being happy when
I was happy, giving advice as though you were the Momma 
and I, the child. I will forever be grateful for the birthdays
of your growing years, when I let you skip school and
I skipped work and we made an adventure day, doing
whatever you wanted. Boy, did we find ourselves in some
awesome places when we just got in the car and drove.
I have been blessed with the best daughter in the world.
Often, people have asked why I only had two children.
There was a time that I wanted more but the thought 
of having another little girl scared me, because I knew
no other could ever compare to the girl you are.
I love you, sweet Jesi, 
forever and always!

 ( all say we look so much alike, in this picture, I agree)

 Her and her Nannie who spoiled her rotten
First birthday party.
Will post more pics later when I download those from
last night. 


  1. eclectic

    tough word to use in scrabble with those "c's"

  2. Love, love, love Jesi!!!
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! :)