Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Yesterday, I took a break from Christmas boxes
to make a frame that has been ordered for a while
by one of my young friends, Shawn.
She lost her Popee months ago and from her
posts on faceboook, I could tell she is feeling
very lonesome right now.
Time to give her some loving from her Popee.
So, I awakened early and started by praying,
the way I start all my mornings.
This morning I prayed that Popee could guide my hands.
I always ask for some information about the one
I am making the frame about.
Shawn shared that he loved gardening and working
on his boat. He was a WW II veteran (Like my daddy)
and had the most beautiful blue eyes.
I go upstairs and start pulling papers and ephemera to use.
I want to use a certain paper to cover the frame,
yet I keep coming back to another that has musical
lines on it. The paper is a tad feminine but the part
I would use would not show, still I didn't want 
to use that paper. Yet, each time I put up the paper
I wanted to use, I just could not cut it.
Finally I send Shawn a text,
"Did your grandpa like music?"
Then I explain what is happening.
"Yes, he loved music and he was a stubborn old man…"
Well that does it, I use the paper this Popee wants
me to use. Shawn and I text a little through the day
and the more she shares with me, the more I feel like
he is guiding me. I know this sounds spooky but
It's how it happens. I want to make my frames things
you will not buy at a store, too personal.
I finished the frame and I must say it is beautiful.
Not sharing photos here because I want to surprise Shawn 
and will deliver it to her on Thursday.
I guess I should thank her Popee because most of the
ideas were his…lol.
Sweet Shawn and her love, Cru.
So strange to have watched these kids grow since they were
little children and now they are all grown up and awesome adults!


  1. ' ephemera '?
    You been practicing words with friends?
    Hope this doesn't turn into a thesaurus blog .....