Sunday, March 1, 2015


Just as soon as I put my new attitude that
I am selling this house,
two house showings!
Still have not had any feedback except the realtor
"had lots of positives"
I will take that.
Yesterday, I could not stop my mind from
moving into the next home I so hope does
not sell before I sign this one sold.
I love home decorating, I love old things,
the home I want is redone with all the 
old things I love still in it. 
I just know this will be my home.
Which has brought me to Ikea website.
I never knew Ikea had so much to choose from.
Back in the day, Ikea was just storage and closet
organizers, now there is nothing you cannot get.
So, i have always wanted a library,
I know have said it a thousand times.
now, have it all planned in this home I call
Mines already as well as those cheap shelves
I have found at Ikea.
Sorry for the boring post,
thinking out loud so I can get it out my head.
I've felt lonely lately so this new
lease on the sale of the house has me with
new thoughts, my future!
Today Tiffy and a friend heads here for the
night as they have school in Baton Rouge.
Gunna get out this house this evening for some
adult fun. Being single has its pros and cons.
Truly single once again.
Mr. Big and I had changed our status months
ago to friends. Now he is in Georgia and
so happy that he is finally where his children are,
he is happy and that is all I wanted for him.
We always knew the relationship was temporary.
Now I am taking time for me.
May date but no serious atttachments.
All I want to think about right now is
moving into a home that I can call mine,
doing the decorating that I so love, really love.
Cannot wait! 
Enough of thinking out loud, sorry for the 
boring post, but will leave you with a beautiful 
I am not a tattoo lover, but this one, has me
in awe.

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