Thursday, March 5, 2015


As promised, I have been reading lots lately.
Picked up this book randomly at Walmart one day
having never heard of it.
What drew me to it, is its a true story.
An amazing, wonderful, true story.
Imagine your child, or a child you love,
comes home at the age of 12 with a sore throat.
How often has that happened to us Mothers...
many times for me.
Yet for Martin, after this day, he never returned 
to school. For the next few weeks he went into an
unexplained coma and became a vegetable.
No doctors could explain what happened to 
their child. Then miraculously,
ten years later, this boy, now
24, awakens. His mind awakens and yet
he is trapped in his body. 
The things he writes about are almost impossible
to believe. Then one caregiver, looks past
the body of this young man, through his eyes
to his soul, and realizes, he is not the same,
he is back! This is when our technology
of the years comes to play.
Through the miracle of computers and switches
he finds his way back into our world.
Don't want to spoil the book for others but
it is a must read, one of love of parents,
fight of coming back to a world that
had changed so much and finding love...
It is amazing!

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