Monday, March 2, 2015

pay it forward.....amazing!

So many times we hear of people paying it forward,
usually simple things, 
paying a toll for the car behind you, I have done that.
Paying for the food in the drive up behind you.
Today, however I read of a great one!
A young woman became engaged and was so very 
excited but decided to wedding dress shop alone.
Wanted no one to see the dress nor know what her
simple budget was.
As she tried on dresses, others in the boutique also
got excited with her, even as they tried on their own 
dresses. Finally she tried one on and found "it"
the one that was hers. She tells of how it was in her
price range and because she was alone, for a minute,
she wished she had someone special with her.
Little did she know how many there were routing for her.
Those strangers made her feel so special, she writes,
as she put on the veil that made it "hers".
The best part of the story is to come.
As she goes to pay, she is told,
"Ma'am this dress has been paid in full"
What? she is confused, no one she knows is there,
no one she knows even knows what she had planned for
this special day. The anonymous buyer was one
in the shop that day. 
All the shop owner can say is she walked in 
that morning to look for her own wedding dress
and when she saw this young woman, so beautiful
find her dress, to share with strangers this special moment
she was called to put her own wedding dress shopping aside 
and pay for hers.
We forget, because of this world, we forget, 
all these good people in this world. So many!
I cannot buy a wedding dress for someone,
shoot I don't even know where I will be living in 
the next few months, but I can pay it forward in the small ways.
A neighbor is having surgery, I will cook for her and
her family on surgery day.
I will share my home with those who need a place to sleep
while they have clinicals in Baton Rouge,
I can pay for the car behind me if I go through the 
drive up window.
Yesterday, in line to check out groceries,
a young boy asks his Mommy for a quarter.
Every child wants a quarter for those gum machines.
She has none. I pull out two.
One for him and one for his little brother.
I don't say these things to brag, it is not my intention.
Only to show that we all can pay it forward in small ways.
Just like what is called 
the huge changes that a pair of silken wings can create
with and almost imperceptible flutter,
across the universe can change what happens in 
your world.
WE have that power in small ways.