Tuesday, March 24, 2015


We have all felt this before, the wanting of something badly.
I speak today of the home of my dreams, the one I know
the Lord has been waiting for me to find.
There have been homes before this that I fell in love with
and thought it was the one and then it sold.
There were others that I have seen and thought,
"Well, if this one sells I can settle for this one"
And then,
there was "THE ONE"
from the moment I walked in, I knew
it is the one I am meant to own.
It is scary, Ron and I still have this one that
I have gone down on twice in two days because
i want this other one so badly.
When you walk into every room and you just
can see your things in there, you can
see yourself waking up there and feeling content.
So Big Man, I know you know my heart, you 
know my wants and needs, I pray to you,
Please, please let this big thorn in Ron and I's side
sell soon so that I can start my new adventure,
the new chapter in my life in the 
home that has my name all over it.
Come on, Big Man, work your magic!!!!!


  1. I just read a book called "Bittersweet". The author was a preacher's wife trying to sell their house. Instead of praying for the house to sell, she decided to pray for the family who would buy it. She pictured the family. She prayed that the couple would have a strong marriage, that the children would be happy and healthy, that the home would be filled with love and laughter, and that the family would make many happy memories there for years to come. House sold soon after. Might be worth a try.

  2. I am surely going to do this CUz! I also, since lent have stopped saying when or if I sell but saying this house will be sold. Praying like you suggested now also!

  3. I will join you in prayer for the BEAUTIFUL home the new family will make new memories in. It will sell and I will be helping you settle in YOUR NEW HOME!!! <3 you!!