Monday, March 16, 2015

Why I want to teach etiquette classes....

It's been a long time dream of mine
to teach etiquette classes.
I have always wanted to teach little girls 
and especially little boys.
How to open door for women,
how to pull out chairs.
Those things that when Women's equality came out
I guess Men decided it just was no longer
proper to do these things.
I, for one, being back in the dating scene,
love the old fashioned, open my door,
pull out my chair, 
shoot you can even order for me
if you know a restaurant better than I do
and know what I would like.
I am not a women's libber person.
I say that in honesty but I also have
things I believe that sounds like woman's lib.
I think women should be able to do and
say what they want, make choices for themselves
but when it comes to old fashioned being
wined and dined, I am for it.
Why I write this?
Friday night myself and two girlfriends
went out to Laberge where we had a
comp. night for the hotel.
An awesome band was playing, TOP CATS
and Cheryl, Kat and I danced the night away,
with each other of course.
I noticed this one man alone dancing and singing.
Being the people watching person I am,
I also noticed he had a purse over his chest,
the way us women wear it.
Clearly not his purse.
Minutes later a beautiful woman was at his side
and they now danced together.
Yet, that purse stayed around his neck 
throughout the night.
That is a man, not afraid to help his love
by holding her purse.
It is has, more than ever, made me
excited about this Etiquette classes I will be teaching
as soon as I can get myself settled in my own
home. Peace out all you real Men out there!!!

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