Saturday, March 28, 2015

I am going for it.... playing the game of life...

I remember playing the game of life as a child,
you know, the one with the multicolored spinning wheel,
homes that slid into the playing board.
Then there was my favorite part,
the little mulicolored cars that could fit
all your pink or blue skinny, round headed kids.
Oh how I wish life was still that simple....
I always had to stop the younger nieces and
nephews from biting my children flat....
it was so tempting.
I remember those paper insurance affidavids that
I never bought because it was a waist of money.
I am leading some where I promise.
Yesterday, Ron and I started the proceedings to
finish up the last of our seperation and 
with doing this, I will be able to borrow
and buy the home I am in love with right now.
Ron came and looked at the home,
he has never liked an older home, always
wanted new so as not to worry about breaks, etc,
but shoot, some of the newer homes are not as strong as this one.
Long story, short,
(yeah, I know, its not short)
last night I signed a purchase agreement to buy the home.
I will still have it appraised as this young single momma,
has done lots of work since last appraisal.
(Thanks Molly, for doing most of the work for me! lol)
It is a scary move, Ron and I have been together since I was 15,
he 17, married in our very young 20's.
Aside from the 6 months in nursing school, I have never owned
or lived in a home solely my own.
Ron would rather me get a newer home although he 
agrees with me, this is a strong, well built home,
Yet, aside from what might be better to do,
I am going with my heart this time,
I am buying the older home I have always wanted and
never was able to get.
I am almost 52 I don't know what my life will be.
This is what I do know, for once in my life,
I will get the older home I have always wanted.
Those things that Ronnie sees as old to him,
is called character to me.
this young single mom, has done all the inside work for me.
It is move in ready, and this chick is ready.
So I move forward, buying another home while I still
have another on my name. Taking chances,
Tired of playing safe. I can afford it,
when this one sells, it will be paid for 
and I am ready to be who I am.
A woman who likes to be unpacked without boxes
all over home. A woman who likes to decorate
and make her home part of her.
I am excited to finally have a home that is only mine.
So many options, my head is spinning but this time,
my head is spinning all for good reasons,
I must have stayed up half the night looking at magazines
until I began so overwhelmed I had to go to sleep.
To the young woman, Molly,
Thanks for taking such great care of this home 
and doing all the hard work for me. lol
Thank you for having the same taste as me.
Thank you for leaving those things that make this 
home filled with character.
Most importantly, like I told you this morning,
if nothing else, we have made a new friend between 
the two of us.
I know you are just as scared, unsure, worried as I am
but we both got this. I am a firm believer in who I call
the Big Man, God, whatever,
before this home, I didn't press to get things done because
even though I found homes I liked it was not enough to 
make me want to do the scary changes I needed to do 
to make this buy something I could do.
WE will all be fine because I have this positive feeling about it all.
Now the journey of my single life will really begin.

 rounded doorways, be still my heart!!!! 
gas fireplace... heart palpitations....
I love character in this home!
 Not sure what to call this room it'l like this huge hall,
a hub that every room opens up to, one of my favorite
rooms!!! When the owner now, pulled up the
pink carpet, it was small oak panels throughout,
she had them all redone...
This, this little space, was where in the older days,
 the telephone sat...
sooooo glad the owner left it, I have 
the perfect old phone to put there!
This home is filled with things like this.

in love!!!!
I am jittery with excitement!!!