Monday, March 9, 2015

On a limb of honesty...

Today is our 31st anniversary.
Thirty one years ago we walked down the aisle
of my family church and made those vows
that many of us has.
I know we are where we need to be.
I know the marriage had come to a point that
we were both miserable and it just could not
go on. When I see him now, I feel nothing that
feels like love as it once was but anniversaries
are big deals. Today I realize I am thankful for
most of the years we had together.
We had good years and we had many years that
we should have called it quits.
We stayed because it was the easiest thing
to do. I could not imagine trying to repair
the things that broke, don't even want to.
Yet, it is still a sad day because we
both gave up.
Love my new life, I know he is happy for his also.
I know once the house sells things
will be even be better for the both of us.
For today I will say,
Happy Anniversary.

1 comment:

  1. The ones that will cast the stones at our failed marraige are the same ones that would wish they could get out of there misery. We are at piece now. And i dont never regret the past I got two good kids and grandbabys and I am happy. So dont feel bad we did what others dont have the balls to do because they worry about society and what people say, I can give a dam what they say because your at piece and IM at piece thats all that matters. I must admit I could have bailed out in a more respectibale and honarable way, but I didnt and I have made my amends and the dude upstairs forgave me, Just wish people would put the blame where it is and not my best freind, I made the decision no one else, but thru bad decisions good things will come and they are happening now. serenty is the ultimate life goal and we should do whatever it takes to get there. so we didn;t fail one day you will see we won.