Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 years...

I read an article in the newspaper yesterday
and then promptly cut it out to post in my journal.
The thirty year anniversary of the first known AIDS case.
This is significant to me because I was a brand new nurse
when the AIDS scare began.
It is the disease that changed the course of medicine
to where we are now when speaking of universal precautions
and protecting yourself as though each patient may have
some type of contagious disease.
Back in the early 80's there was so much scare,
so much that was not known and because of people's fear
many mean things were said and done.
How far we have come in 30 years with this disease.
Having lost a first cousin to this disease and knowing many
more who have also succumbed it has always been
something I kept my knowledge fresh.
In the beginning the talk was that AIDS was sent from God
to kill all those that were gay.
How this statement burned me up.
As though our God would make a disease to wipe out
a group of people was beside me that anyone would be
so ignorant to believe that.
It did not explain why children with bleeding disorders
were dying from it, why mothers were not only dying of it
but passing it to their unborn children.
Like our God has time to be causing suffering on Earth,
man does that for themselves, God doesn't have to help.
My sister-in-law that has now died ( in a car accident) was gay
and I remember how hard it was for her to be herself
in the days of the early 80's and I remember how much
I admired her because she always kept her head up high
and changed the way some felt about the gay community.
What a better world it is now for people who are gay
than it was back then.
I thank those who walked the path of being judged
that now have made it so much easier to come out and
be happy.
My cousin also showed his strength while living
with AIDS. He lost his battle but not before he
taught many, many people that he had not changed,
he was the same person he was before AIDS.
We have come so far in 30 years.
It is a story that I can share because I was there in the beginning.
30 years of nursing has allowed me to see this
disease come full circle.
AIDS is no longer a death sentence.
Thanks to many who fought to change the worlds views on
the the gay community.


  1. That is Them religious assholes that believe gays will go to hell, personally I dont believe in hell but its the Judgemental bastards that if there is a hell that need to be scorched because of there homophbic attitude, this hits a nerve everytime, i dont mean all religious people are assholes but the ones that judge this is meant for you, and if you do judge gays people especially men that I been around it is because you don't know if you like women or men you are a confused individual and rensentful at yourself and take it out on others, good topic and and will defend all gay people, these are great people with different sexual appitites in life,Behind closed doors we all have Kinky kicks,My god says live happy, joyuos and free, so what ever turns you on have at it my friends.

  2. When are you going to post some of your kinky kicks ... your loyal followers are anxiously awaiting

  3. huh he can't remember them it was part of his past and I believe dementia is setting in, at least I have no clue what he is talking about...

  4. Lilly,
    We just met to plan a fund raiser for the No Aids walk in New Orleans. This is the 3rd year my family will be doing it. Dwayne would be 51 this year and the walk is the day after his birthday. We will be remembering him in a special way this year. Last year we raised almost $3000 and hope to go even higher this year. We have a great event planned with live entertainment, food, drinks, etc.
    Your cousin,

  5. You are so right on this one.

  6. please keep us posted on the date of the fundraiser my family would love to be there!!!