Thursday, June 2, 2011

A messenger of our times.

I watched Oprah's final days till the end.
When she did the show on her favorite guests,
she reminded me of Mattie Stepanek.
He was a young author who was dying, or I should say,
living with a rare form of muscular dystrophy.
He was such an inspiration in the beginning years of 2000's.
I was reminded of him on Oprah's show when his Mom
was on to speak of his courage as well as to say
the Catholic Church is working to make him a Saint.
She has wrote a book of his life, the
first time that his whole 13 years of life are put in one place.
I, right away, had to purchase the book for my ereader.
by Jeni Stepanek
This is a must-read. While reading the book I remembered
I had purchased one of Mattie's poem books at a garage sale
many year ago for probably a quarter.
I went into my many books and there it was:
I opened it last night after many years of not even remembering
I had it and who is it signed by?
Sally Ann Roberts!
Yep the star of the channel 4 morning news.
Whoever owned the book before me had a signed book
that they let go. That is a treasure to me.
So if you are looking for a summer read,
Purchase Messenger.
It will make you think, it will make you cry but mostly
it will make you happy.
What one little boy on life support and in a wheelchair
did for world peace is amazing.
and As Mattie always preached at his speeches,
I will leave you with his very own words:
"Remember to play after every storm"

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  1. I tried reading a 290 page book. Fiction and interesting but I just can't finish it. I'm a slow reader.