Monday, June 27, 2011

more pictures

Haven't felt much like blogging lately but
I have been taking lots of pictures,
mostly of Jilly-bean of course...
She is growing so fast, doing new things everytime I see her
When she is happy, she is very happy and when
she is not happy, well... you get the point.
She is joy to all of us!
This was taken for Father's day,
Kd and her brother had babies just weeks apart.
This is Jillybean with her cousin Lizzy.
Jillybean has this way of checking out all babies
that try and steal her thunder, take the light away from her.
It cracks us up, hence Kd's laughter in this picture.
Kd with her parents, brother and baby Lizzie,
Jillybean was sleeping, it's why she is not in the picture.
Spending Father's day with the Guilbeau's was
a wonderful day.

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