Friday, June 24, 2011

A gathering of family

We are always looking for a reason to get together.
Aleena, Peter's daughter was down from Maryland
and it was our first time to see baby Jackson
so some of the family met in Thibodaux
to eat, of course!
Taunt Mone with baby Jackson
Tie and her oldest, the beautiful, Angelique'
C and Ted were there...
Hughbee and his Auntie Lil who he loves soooo much, by the way.
Mommee with three of her youngest great grandchildren,
Not sure why Lillian wasn't in this picture
she made her way around the room a few times,
must have been visiting...
Em's hubby Andre' holding baby Jackson, his nephew.
Me and C...
Peter and Cheryl. Cheryl is not one to take pictures
so I was so happy to get this one.
This woman has not aged in the time I have known her when
I was like 12.
Zachary and his Mommy, Emily had news to share...
Yes, he is going to be a big brother
as Em is pregnito!
Taunt Mone is known as MaMo to this little Lillian.
Mone has been through so much in the last months
and yet, her smile still radiates. I do not think anything
can get this woman down.
Mom again with the three little ones.
Jackson and Jillian were born on the same day,
many miles apart. March 13th is the birthday they share.
They are known as Jack and Jill to some of us.
Three generation picture.
Mone, Lillian and Minta.
Lillian is beginning to live up to our name.
So happy and so, so funny and did I mention Cute?
Oh, yeah we are cute too...
Tie again with her baby girl, Dominique my godchild,
well one of my godchildren as Emily is also my godchild.
Rebecca holding our Jilly-bean and her oldest, Hugh.
I cannot believe that Hughbee is soon to be a teenager.
Where has the time gone?
He adores Jilly-bean.
Look at that beautiful "vaunt" on Jilly-bean.
Oh how I love her!
Zachary is already practicing at being a big brother
with his cousin, Jackson.
Insists on carrying him all over.
Oh he will be some big brother!
Aunt Ronnie and Uncle Jay were also there,
not sure how I didn't get a snap of those two.
Loved the evening, loved the fact that even though
the family keeps growing like weeds that we still
try and make time for gatherings such as this.
Hope all enjoy the picture montage.

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