Friday, December 2, 2011

Where have I been you asked?

Seems as though I must have a secret following out there
as in the last few weeks that I have not blogged,
many have checked to see what is up with me.
Well, I am still here.
Just lots of decisions made in the last few weeks.
Just didn't have much to share with my population here.
Now word is out, so I can share...
I have decided not to return back to work,
for real this time.
Not to go on much and to bore you guys,
I will just say that having to juggle work, life, and pain.
Well, life won as it should.
Pain will never win, it may be there and part of my life
but it will not win.
So now, I am trying to change my mindset.
While growing up, while a working girl,
when you called in sick, when you stayed home,
you stayed in your pj's and rested.
I have to figure out that this is permanent
and I can do all I care to at my own speed now.
This is what I have been trying to adjust to.
If I go out in the day, and I am having a good day,
I feel guilty thinking I could have made work today.
I am getting better but it is an adjustment.
I am sitting better with my decision.
Love to all!!!

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