Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hope is with me again!

I made it to to Dr. Cowen's office on Thursday.
He is a chronic pain doctor who I have seen in the past.
He and Dr. Pitre consult often in regards
to how to treat my pain.
It makes me feel more comfortable to know
that two doctors are managing my pain
as I am always so fearful of addiction
to these medications.
It never seems to sink in when a doctor tells
me that people who worry about addiction are
not those who have addiction problems.
So after much thought, fears and painful days and nights
I am willing to finally, once again listen to the experts
and get back on the Duragesic patches that I have been so
afraid of in the past. Dr. Cowen reminds
me that he and Dr. Pitre will always be honest with me
and let me know if I am not handling this pain management
properly. He reminded me that I have a legitimate problem
and will need help with pain for the rest of my life.
He told me the one thing that I guess I needed to hear
once again, that made me want to cry right there in his office.
He looked me right in the eye and said,
"Lilly, you need to stop feeling quilty about needing these medications"
So, on that very afternoon I put on a patch and within 8 hours
my pain went from an 8 on the pain scale to a 4.
By the next morning my pain was a 2 and believe me, I can
live with a 2!
This morning I would say the pain is a 3 and the initial side effects
of the patch, dizziness, nausea, and feeling drunk seem to
be gone and I can tell you, I feel like getting out today.
I have not had this hopeful feeling for some time.
I can't drive again until tomorrow so one of
my besties, Laurie and the girls will pick me
up this afternoon to go to the movies.
I have a desire to get in my scraproom and play
and I have not felt like that in a long time
I am looking forward to HOBL and I's
vacation that will begin on Christmas day
as we are heading to Tennessee for a week,
a cabin in the mountains.
Life is hopeful again.
Thanks to all who have checked in with me
or have been praying for me to have better days.
Love to all,
and big, wet, aunt Jeannie kisses!!!


  1. That's awesome Aunt Lil!!! Have a fun and safe trip!!

  2. That's awesome Aunt Lil!!! Have a fun and safe trip!!

  3. hey sis have a great time with hobl, merry christmas if i don't see you before and you to hocl. love mone

  4. the meds were made for those who need them - people like you... glad it is working for you my friend