Monday, December 5, 2011

A weekend of pictures

Happy Birthday to Carter!
Carter is Kd's godchild, The bean's cousin.
I cannot believe he is already a year old.
To see his mother with him, well it's a heart
melting experience.
I have learned a lot about the bean when watching her with
other children.
She is a leader.
She will take control of a situation and make sure it
goes her way.
She prefers older children to play with
and is very serious about her play.

Here she is trying to tell her friend, Carson who is the boss.

Bean is pretty much walking on her own when she chooses to.
It is a funny thing this walking, if she thinks about it too much
she falls but if she just takes off with a goal in mind, she
does perfectly.
We also made a little play date in Addis with cousin, Lillian.
Again, she was so serious about her play.
Loved playing with the "big girl" toys that Lillian owns.
Here she is with Minnie, but didn't like the fact that she
was keeping her from the job of play.
Bean loved the real metal dishes that were her size.
Lillian loved the company, we went early so she was a little
"hot mess" when we got there.
I know I will be spending more time with this little one
now that I am not working and will be spending more
time in Plaq.
It's interesting to see Bean in other situations besides
just in her home with her own stuff.
She is so easy to take somewhere.
She rarely fusses unless she wants something she can't have.
Yesterday when leaving, I wanted to cry.
Each time I spend time with her, it is harder to leave.
I love that she not only knows me but loves coming with me.
When it was time for bed, she wanted her Mommy's love,
went with her mom for some cuddling then put her
hands out for me so I could rock her to sleep.
I have said this so many times but
one of my very favorite things is going into her
cool, dark, room and rocking her to sleep.
She is by far, the best little granddaughter.


  1. gh LIL thanks so much for those beautiful pictures of lillian and bean, i wish i could visit minta more often, i was with them for thanksgiving. had a great time with lillian i can't get over how smart she is at her age, the big plus here is that minta and duane makes sure she knows about her mamaw,when i walked in debbie's house she met me at the door and said hi mamaw let me help you, i was salking with my walker and all day long she would say i'll help you when i started to get up i love that little girl thanks lil love mone

  2. You r welcomed mone. Hopefully one day I can go pick you up and we can both gonplay

  3. I can send the senior citizen bus ... mone's got some stroke left and since you're practically crippled, it shouldn't be an issue. Can I borrow your handicap cha chout to put on my rear view mirror? I gotta go to Wal Mart and it's a b-i-o-t-c-h to park. Cute pictures of the kids ... your grand daughter looks like a typical woman already -- backseat driving.

  4. I don't have a handicapped cha choot sowwy

  5. I don't have a handicapped cha choot sowwy