Monday, December 19, 2011

Guilbeau Christmas

Kd's parents were gracious enough to invite us
to their Guilbeau Christmas gathering yesterday.
They have always been so kind as to make us
a part of their family since BB and Kd married.
The food was delicious, the company was grand.
Watching the little ones open and enjoy their gifts
however, was the best part ever.
I know the bean is ours and so everything she does
is so fantastic to us.
Yet I do believe this child is much advanced for her age.
She is walking and has 5 or 6 teeth.
She understands the concept of unwrapping gifts.
She was the very best little girl yesterday as
was all her little cousins.
Having a conversation with one of Kd's little
7 year old cousins is what really reminded me
of the spirit of Santa in a little child's life.
I asked him what he wanted from Santa.
His answer,
"I want him to bring me magic so I can fly."
He did get a Harry Potter wand, so he may just
get the magic for Christmas.
Thanks to the Guilbeau's for a wonderful day.
(I apologize for my cackling laughter)


  1. Love the tapes! Makes my heart yearn for when the kids were little and the grandkids were just born. Miss thoses days!

  2. By the way it's me, Granny!