Friday, December 23, 2011

It's almost Christmas

Time to grocery shop.
Buy the things to make the gumbo.
I smartly ordered the rest of the meal all cooked
at Rousse's this year.
All I have to do it heat it all up.
Making smart decisions in my older days.
Don't want to spend my time with the kiddies
slaving over a stove.
Going to make the gumbo and potato salad today.
In the morning just have to heat it all up.
Mom is all ready for Christmas, had her
hair and nails done yesterday and finally found a
beautician who cut her hair the way she likes it besides
taunt Mone who hasn't been able to get to mom to cut it.
Will pick her up tomorrow to come spend our Christmas with us
and have her packed for C to pick her up in the afternoon
to spend Christmas down the bayou.
She is so excited to go to her old
Our Lady of Prompt Succor church to see all her old friends.
I am excited for the holiday but cannot lie,
also going to be glad when it is done for one more year.
Cannot wait to see the bean open her presents as she
seems to love that part of Christmas these days.

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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! have a great day!!