Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

I used to love the cold weather
and I hope after tomorrow's doctor appointment,
I can love it once again.
After two days in bed/ in the house
I am ready for some relief here.
Trying to stay positive
but pain sucks, big time.
There are still pros in everything if you look
for them.
For instance, yesterday I watched
right there on my Ipad, in my bed.
Oh how I love my Ipad.
I made cookies yesterday for Mom's manor party tomorrow
afternoon which I will get out of the house for.
I am hoping that on Friday I can attend
Lucy's choir singing in New Orleans at the fancy
Roosevelt hotel.
Her mom and dad invited me and even offered to go out
their way to pick me up to go...
now that is much to be thankful for right there.
I just know that tomorrow will change my outlook on winter.


  1. I thought you had a handicapped cha choot ... that's why I offered to pick you up.

  2. That's it, my sweetie - you do what you can - and enjoy it as much as possible - that is the secret to a happy life - not focusing on what you can not do - but what you can! I love my iPad, also = you will have to teach me how to watch movies on that thing!

  3. Guess what - right after I posted the above - William put THE HELP on my iPad and I watched it on there - HA - story of my life...