Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Morris junior, off on a new adventure

Mom got a call yesterday that her nephew,
Morris Jr. Had passed away.
He is mom's nephew but like me,
Her nephew was close to her age, they were
10 years apart so they were raised like siblings.
I can tell Mom's dementia is worsening
As she had very little emotion with the news
And by the evening she didn't even mention it.
I have many good childhood memories of Morris Jr.
Especially when he retired from the military and
Moved his family to Galliano.
Although the family never really loved the bayou
Morris Jr. Was never happier than when
He was on his bayou.
Other memories of him is of a cousin who was more
Like an uncle to us.
He was a happy and funny man.
Never did I ever see this man unhappy or angry.
I remember thinking as a little girl that I hoped
One day to have a husband who was happy and fun like him.
He and dad fished lots and when he visited there was always
Some kind of party that came with his visit.
I have, in the last few years reconnected
With his daughter, Cheri thanks to Facebook.
She and I were only a year apart and for a few years
She and I rode to high school together with her
Dad. I know in the last few years he had been really sick
But his death still has shook his Cheri's world
As you are never ready to say goodbye to your parents.
I know this, though
My daddy and brother were quite excited to see him!


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