Sunday, December 11, 2011

Manor Christmas party...

Every year Momma has a Christmas party at the manor.
This year, the siblings decided to all come because
it was so close to her birthday.
Rosie couldn't make it, dumb work;^)
The rest of the siblings were there plus a few extra.
Our family friend, Camille France was invited by
taunt Mone and he showed up to visit.
C came in a little late but made it!
She decorated momma's door for Christmas, her specialty.
Baby girl showed up...
she hates the pictures I take but this is always what
I get when taking her picture.
She said the solution is to pick up the camera,
yet that won't happen and she is constantly looking
at the pics on my camera, so I know she doesn't mean it.
The biggest surprise was that brother showed up and
brought along Cheryl, Em, Zachary and Abigail.
Abigail still lives in Em's belly but she was there.
Then there was me and my good ol' mommy...
This picture here is my very favorite by far....
Z loves his own Mommy!
It was a fun time and yesterday my Momma turned
91, how blessed we are to still have her.
Dementia, for her has been a blessing.
I leave you with this last picture of Z.
eating his fruits, such a cutie-patootie!!

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  1. great pictures i had a great time thanks for the pictures love mone