Sunday, April 7, 2013

A busy weekend...

 It is only Sunday morning and it seems like this weekend has lasted 
a month! Today, going to take it easy.
Friday night, we hung out with KD's parents and family to
celebrate sweet Lizzie, above.
Already, this precious child has become two.
She and Bean are heart melting, when watching them together.
I just know they will grow up to be the best of friends.
Bean and Lizzie, watching video
The older Bean gets, the better she tolerates her Pappy.
He entices her over with pretending he has a bird in his hand.
She falls for it every time.
Then, unlike most Pappy's, he proceeds to take rubber bracelets
and "Handcuffs" her.
She allows it, sometimes I believe even she stays just
to see what unusual thing her Pappy has up his sleeve.
They definitely are establishing a relationship now that
she is getting older and understands that he will
always be there to cause her "Mee-SA"
 Yesterday HOBL and I made the trip to Cut Off to watch
our Jrew confirm in his faith.
He insisted on having his Perrin, HOBL be his sponser.
In many ways they are alike.
After the service, when I am speaking to Jrew about 
religion being over now he makes a comment that 
literally makes me LOL.
I guess because it is something I am sure I would be able
to hear straight from his Perrin's mouth back in the day.
He does not share that, yeah he has no more religion 
and the accomplishment that is for him ,
instead, he shares.
"Yeah, because religion has been messing up my social life"
He goes on to explain each time he planned to do something,
the answer was, "You have religion"
This boy, how he has grown up way too fast.
As we sat in the beautiful church of Cut Off,
I remember like yesterday, baptizing him on the same altar,
with the same people up there to support him.
As usual, it causes me to drop a few tears.
This Jrew, is what I think of when I hear the old saying,
"He is all boy"
He loves fast moving things, building remote race cars,
school is not so important to him, but give him
something to take apart and he will show you 
his talent. He is a cutie, such a cutie, likes to talk,
always has a story. 
I can remember his Mothers frustration even back in the day
of his second grade year, she would call me
explaining the elaborate stories Jrew would tell.
She feared he was lying and I told her that was not lying
it was a little boy with a vivid imagination,
a story teller. He remains this way and it is what I love 
the most about him. 

 I know his parents are proud of Jrew on this day.
Confirmed, an adult in the Catholic faith but 
far from not needing these two parents who love him
unconditionally, right where he is.
I also wanted to share the picture of Jrew and Cindy's parents.
They, also are beginning to show their age, just like my Mommy.
They are what you will find in the dictionary if you look up the
word grandparents. Fine, fine people.
.... and even with these wonderful events happening around
me, putting joy in my life, there is this.
My sweet, sweet momma, 
slowly preparing herself to leave this life and move on
to the next adventure she chooses to call Heaven.
Her pattern right now is she will have two or three days
where she stays in bed and sleeps most of the time
and we believe our time with her is almost done,
then, like today, she awakens with other plans,
ready to make her bed and dress, visit her friends at the Manor.
We are not fooled by these patterns, however.
We see that each time she has a bad day, it is a little worse than
the time before. My sisters and I, we continue to love her up,
rub her back each night, often when it hurts,
we give the miracle medicines that Hospice has showed us
how to use so that she never suffers.
We massage her legs on the nights "Charlie's horses" visit.
"Sure wish Charlie would come get his horses and keep them away 
from me"
Yes, her sense of humor is still there.
My sisters and I, we make sure her body and hair is clean and
neat because we remember how important that has 
always been to her and we also understand she can
no longer do it for herself.
We are treasuring our days and hours with her.
We long for our turn to stay with her but continuing
to balance each of our other lives that we must continue
to live as it would kill her to think any of us are
giving up our personal lives for her.
Each time us sisters have a "changing of the guards"
or "pass the baton" we know it may be our
last time to be with her in this life. 
We kiss and love up on our Mommy and he hug
each other tightly for the strength us sisters have
in unity. There is no way to predict how long this 
vigil will continue but we know it will until the day
she takes her last breath.
We will keep her free from pain, stress and worry
and we will continue to tuck her in each time she 
goes to bed.

It is a wonderful life, what we are doing for our Mommy.

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  1. what a sweet post!! I will be praying Lilly for your mom and your family!