Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Day with Gypsy Baby.... Priceless

You all know the Priceless commercials...
Let me get one posted here:
32 bags of Mulch=158 dollars
Plants, gloves, weed killer at Walmart=50 dollars
flowering plants at nursery=60 dollars
a day with gypsy baby=PRICELESS
 ( Taken Mother/daughter breakfast at Ed White, 2008)
 (Christmas Eve 2010)
( gypsy baby with her aunts and uncle on Mom's bday 2012)

Yes, a day with Gypsy baby, they are far and few between.
We cleaned flower beds, pulled weeds, planted new flowers
and talked. Sometimes we were just together, without words.
Geese, I love this child. 
She can frustrate those who do not understand her
and she says to me,
"Pretty much no body really gets me but you, that I have
been like this my whole life, it is who I am"
I take the compliment because it is not always easy being
her Mommy, or someone who loves her.
Every one who loves her wants the very best for her
and all she wants is permission to live the way she wants.
It is hard to get her to commit to a time, but if you need her
she is going to be there, eventually.
She is so much my daughter, I realize as we talk.
She shares with me what she hopes her future will be.
She shares about her relationship with the Kelmiester,
and many other things. I listen, I offer advice
when it seems like she wants it but mostly,
I just love her. Love being with her. 
We work so well together when it is just us.
I say sometime during the day how I wish sometimes
that she was still a little girl so every day we would be together.
She also wishes that sometimes.
No stress, no bills, no job.
Yet, it is not the way life is, Life forces us to move
on in life, to grow up, to learn from mistakes we make.
Today, another day with her as we begin to put the mulch down
on our freshly cleaned beds.
Bean spending night with me so I am also pumped about that.
If you have a little girl, or if you are blessed with even more than one,
enjoy the time, it is gone in a flash.

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  1. Jesi is beautiful! They do grow up way too fast.