Thursday, April 25, 2013

Every day, better and better

I am going to be okay...
I feel the last two days i've had many signs that
I am better. Of course, there is all this
extra time now that used to be used to care for Mommy
but yesterday I can see all that I had put off and stopped doing.
Today, going to work on Katie the neighbors wedding programs
and tomorrow going to head out to Houma to spend the
day with my besties, Ann and Laurie.
Going to take in a few movies.
I am excited about this.
I have neglected my friends and Mommy will
be happy to see me getting back into that.
I again can't thanks my babies enough,
Baby boy, Gyspy baby, Kd and Kelmiester for
all their love and help over this long, long week.
I am so thankful that my children can share feelings and
memories with me, we can laugh at all the funny things
Mommy always did, remember all the good things she was
to them. Having lived with us for 10 years while they
were growing up, they have many memories of her.
I am so happy for this. Yes, they will miss her but
they will forever remember a Mommee that although
she fussed, always had something cooked for them
after school.
Gypsy baby and Our neighbor Jessica Rousse
could not wait to get home each afternoon to their
salads that would be waiting for them when they got
off the bus. Love all the memories...
but I am moving on....
last blog about the loss of Mommy as she would
pull my toes if she knew I was carrying on longer than
a week. From now on, only happy thoughts and comfort
knowing that I was sad longer than a week.
I know there will be those moments when loosing her will
hit me, but I know she is waiting for us up there in Heaven,
saving our spots, no more chest pains, no more shortness of breath,
no more dementia... all good things brought back to our Mommy.
I am moving on....

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